Get Ready To Check Into ‘The Continental’

John Wick 2, much like it’s predecessor, surprised everyone by making a kick ass action film, giving fans the best Keanu Reeves role in years and creating an immersive world of assassins and bounty hunters. It’s this latter bit that made the John Wick films feel so fresh compared to the competition and with a world as detailed as Wick’s, the opportunity for spin off stories is right there for the taking. Which is why Starz has begun production on The Continental.  Continue reading “Get Ready To Check Into ‘The Continental’”


20 Most Anticipated Films of 2017

While many critics and publications have been releasing their “Best of 2016” lists right around now, I’m going to look to the future and give you what I’m most excited for in 2017.  If I could, I would put almost every film in 2017 on this list as they should all be anticipated until we know a bit more about it. Judging simply by a poster or the cast and crew isn’t a fair way to anticipate something until one has seen or learned more. But based on the information we have, or based on the strength of the series, I have picked 20 films that I’m pretty stoked to see this year. Of course, there are more than 20 but having 26 say just seemed off. Will all these movies end up being good? Who knows, I know a lot of my 2016 picks ending up being duds. But here’s to being optimistic and being treated with some awesome films.  Here are my 20 most anticipated films of 2017!

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