Most Anticipated 2018

Ok so we’re a little in 2018 now, the Oscar nominations are out and we can officially start looking forward to the next eleven and a half months of movies that are coming out. To be quite honest, there looks like an awful lot of sequels and comic book movies coming out this year, which is cool and all that but most of these kinds of films are starting to run a bit dry for me, especially the MCU films, which so far this phase have done little to “wow” me in the same way a film like The Winter Soldier did. Needless to say though, there are comic book movies on this list, so don’t freak out when you see them after this opening. It’s inevitable at this point. But there’s a bunch of non comic book movies coming out too and I’m plenty exited for them!  So in no particular order, here’s a list of the films I’m most excited for this year!

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Review: Lego Batman

Is everything still awesome? That’s what I was hoping for as I waited for #TheLegoBatmanMovie to start up. Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s 2014 film, simply titled The Lego Movie turned out to be a genuine surprise for audiences and critics and was the launch for what is now going to be a string of Lego inspired films. After a bit of a wait and a new director, #LegoBatman finally has his own movie (because he’s Batman).

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Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Prequel and spin off. Two words that have become rather dirty in the film industry as of late. With major blockbusters like Star Wars and The Hobbit producing prequel films that didn’t hit the mark quite like their originals, prequels have made me nervous as of late. And so I went into Fantastic Beasts rather worried to be honest. Would the Harry Potter spin off deliver? Will five films be too many? The short answer is yes, they certainly delivered and I found myself craving more by the time the credits started rolling.

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Fall Movie Preview

Now that September is upon us (insert “Wake Me Up” reference), it’s time for the Fall movie preview. After the huge meh and let down that was Summer 2016, here’s hoping the Fall offers some better quality films. This isn’t a list of every movie coming out, rather my 15 most anticipated of the year. The films are listed in order of release so what’s first is coming soon and last won’t be until near Christmas.

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