Review: Eye in the Sky

Here’s a movie I had no idea existed until I saw it randomly On Demand and took note of the cast, which was the initial selling point. The film stars Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman in his final role, Aaron Paul, Barkhad Abdi (the lead pirate from Captain Phillips) and Game of Thrones‘ Iain Glen. Yeah, I know. Solid Cast. Plus its directed by Oscar winner Gavin Hood, who won Best Foreign Language Picture for his 2005 Tsotsi.

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20 Most Anticipated Films of 2017

While many critics and publications have been releasing their “Best of 2016” lists right around now, I’m going to look to the future and give you what I’m most excited for in 2017.  If I could, I would put almost every film in 2017 on this list as they should all be anticipated until we know a bit more about it. Judging simply by a poster or the cast and crew isn’t a fair way to anticipate something until one has seen or learned more. But based on the information we have, or based on the strength of the series, I have picked 20 films that I’m pretty stoked to see this year. Of course, there are more than 20 but having 26 say just seemed off. Will all these movies end up being good? Who knows, I know a lot of my 2016 picks ending up being duds. But here’s to being optimistic and being treated with some awesome films.  Here are my 20 most anticipated films of 2017!

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Retrospect: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

As I write this, I thought it wildly appropriate to listen to the trilogy soundtrack on Spotify, just to create a really awesome experience as I talk about one of the greatest cinematic achievements in film. Of course am talking about Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Filmed back to back, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King boasts a combined budget of around $300 million, a box office of almost $3 billion and being nominated for 30 Academy Awards, winning 17 in total, 11 of those for The Return of the King, including Best Picture. Pretty impressive.

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Retrospect: Kingdom of Heaven-Director’s Cut.

Back when it was initially released in 2005, Kingdom of Heaven was a poorly received film and a flop at the North American market, earning almost $48 million against a $130 million budget. The star power of Orlando Blood, fresh from Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean hype and Ridley Scott, who saw a recent string of critical and commercial success with Gladiator and Black Hawk Down was considered a fail. And rightly so, the theatrical cut just wasn’t that good. But a year later changed all that changed.

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Opinion: Stop making video movies, start making shows.

I think we can all agree,film adaptations of video games suck. They range from barely passable to down right garbage (say it with me, gah-bage). They are usually the cheap cash in, the rushes property or the poorly adapted films that we’ve been subjected to for the past few decades. There a few exceptions to this, the first Resident Evil is passable and Mortal Kombat is a campy fun time if you watch it with that in mind. But none are being awarded, becoming blockbusters or even modest hits. But it may be possible to see a game adaption succeed, just not as a film.  Continue reading “Opinion: Stop making video movies, start making shows.”

Review: War Dogs

I was fortunate enough to see an advance screening of War Dogs (thanks again M!) today, the new film from The Hangover Trilogy director Todd Phillips. The film stars Miles Teller and Jonah Hill as two small time Jewish arms dealers who sell small time weapons contracts to the U.S. government to help them supply their troops overseas.  Going in, I thought the film was going to be a familiar, raunchy stoner comedy mixed with unlikely situations. I was pleasantly surprised this is not the case.  Continue reading “Review: War Dogs”

The New Rogue One trailer is out…and it is awesome.

It’s fitting that the first post on my new blog would be what reinspired me to write about film. After days of teasers, speculation and theorizing, NBC released the hotly anticipated follow up trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars story last night. Well into the night, I had a wonderful time discussing the trailer online with friends and other fans over  Twitter and in the Collider Jedi Council group, home to thousands of Star Wars fans.  To be so inspired again to talk about a medium and a series that you love gave me great joy and I was reminded that I used to write about film quite regularly, whether it was a review or reporting the news. So I wasted no time and created this platform to give you this article and hopefully many more to come.

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