Final Rogue One Trailer Review

We got a new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story today after a new poster was revealed yesterday on The Star Wars Show. This is the third and final trailer and definitely shows the most in terms of plot so for those who want to go in completely blind, stop reading here. I’ve really enjoyed the tone and feel the first two trailers established and despite some criticism I have on this trailer, December 16th can’t get here any sooner.

Lets start with the one thing everyone will be happy to see. We get a full body shot of Darth Vader! Emerging from the smoke and shadows to confront Ben Mendelsohn’s Director Krennic, his gait implies he is not a happy Sith Lord. The great James Earl Jones will be returning to voice the menacing Dark Lord, but don’t expect him to be in the movie for long. Here’s hoping that even though he will likely be used sparingly, his impact on the narrative will be felt throughout. The main antagonist is certainly Krennic and I’m curious to know how he fits into the timeline. Mendelsohn is a great actor and can’t wait to see what he brings to the table.


The trailer opens up with a chunk of exposition and we finally get to see what Madds Mikkelsen’s character looks like and just what he is up to. It’s been public knowledge for awhile now that  Mikkelsen is playing Galen Erso, father to Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso. But in the end, this is news to the masses. In the trailer, Krennic and his squad of Deathtroopers  fly in and recruit Galen when Jyn was a child. That’s basically the only fresh bit of information we got out of this trailer. Years later, she is broken out of an Imperial detention center of sorts and has to track her father down, who was instrumental in the construction of the Death Star. The opening sequence of the trailer appear to be from the Icelandic shoots, judging by the gloomy grey ambiance coupled with the rocky green mountains.


What follows is a trailer montage of gorgeous shots as the Rebels (under the call sign Rogue One) prepare their daring mission to steal the Death Star plans. I’ve mentioned this before, but the cinematography in these trailers are breathtaking. This will easily be the best looking Star Wars film to date. The shots give off fantastic imagery of scale: the huge towering might of the Imperial war machine against the tiny, ill equipped Rebellion. Whether it’s the Death Star rising over a planet’s atmosphere or a Star Destroyer hovering over people’s heads or a towering structure in the distance on a jungle planet, the Empire feels huge and our heroes feel small. Oh, and did I mention space battles?


This trailer, while gorgeous and setting up the basics of the plot, didn’t hit me like the previous trailer did, which came out only two months ago. A bit too close together if you ask me but I figure with the attention in Rogue One failing to meet that of The Force Awakens, the Mouse wants to let the masses know that a new movie is inbound. A lot of what was in this trailer we had seen before or had seen different parts of familiar scenes so aside from the official reveal that Galen is working on the Death Star and Jyn is looking for him, the trailer didn’t offer much else that was new. I think Disney should have spread the trailers out more or made one trailer using the footage seen in trailers 1 and 2. This one, while hitting all the right notes, failed to tell us anything we didn’t already know. The music also didn’t have quite the same impact for me as the last two did.  Yet I remain excited despite my reservations, I think the scope, cast and cinematography will produce a great film in the end, one unique from anything we’ve seen on screen.  Rogue One opens up in cinemas on December 16th.


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